nuru massage alyssabranch and chadwhite video


Tyler Nixon is nervous as hell. Today will be the first day hell be experiencing a Nuru massage and has no idea what hes in for. As he rehearses his lines in front of the mirror, beads of sweat pour down his face. When he arrives at his appointment, he simply cant keep his mouth shut. The receptionist laughs it off stating that he seems nervous but really has nothing to worry about. When Valentina Nappi walks into the reception to greet him, Tyler practically has a heart attack. Valentina is so fucking hot! When she realizes its his first time, she laughs and tells him to follow her. When they arrive at the designated area, Valentina explains how a Nuru massage works. She starts taking off her clothes for the shower and Tylers eyes practically pop out of their sockets. When Valentina asks him to take off all his clothes, Tyler cant believe his luck. She turns on the water and lathers up his body with soap. As Tyler relaxes, his nervousness dissipates. She gets on her knees and starts stroking his cock. Tyler starts getting nervous again. Valentina reminds him its a full body massage as she starts sucking his dick. When they move to the massage mat, Valentina climbs on top of him and starts grinding her pussy on his body. As she oils up her body, she starts sliding up and down Tylers. She asks him to lie on his back and then glides her body on his dick. She gets it nice and hard so she can put it inside her. When hes about to cum he makes sure to fuck her tits so he can dro…