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Step son mounts couple of spy cams in the bathroom to catch his chubby mother in law taking showers or dressing. For extra bbw lovers only. Spy cam installed at home by suspicious sister in law and she is right, his husband and his cute step sister are lovers, banging at her kitchen once more. Mr. Davies (Charles Dera) is your stereotypical handsome high-school gym teacher — the one that all the school girls have a crush on. Problem is, Mr. Davies hasnt been able to keep his hands out of the cookie jar. For the past few months, hes been having an affair with one of his students, the beautiful but na?ve 18-year- old Lola (Jill Kassidy). The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Lola has fallen completely in love with Mr. Davies and thinks the two are going to run away together. Mr. Davies, on the other hand, cares for the teen girl but knows that inevitably they will need to break up one day. especially before he gets caught. One day, after practice, Davies and his teenage lover sneak off and have sex in the locker room. While they are fucking, another student Heather (Kristen Scott) accidentally discovers them. Without their knowledge, she records them on her phone and runs off to tell her stepbrother (Small Hands) about it. Heathers stepbrother is an older guy named Darryl, who dropped out of school several years earlier and has had multiple run-ins with the law. When his step-sister shows him the footage, it sparks an idea in his head. with all the money and power that Lol…