laura vandervoort making out in sex scene from bitten on scandalplanetcom


SCENE opens one morning as a married couple, John and Angie, have sex in their kitchen. Naked and sweaty, we watch them fuck feverishly for a few minutes against the cabinets until John cums deep inside his Angies mouth. She swallows his load before springing up and wrapping her arms around her husband. They seem so happy. As they wind down, Angie struts over to the freezer and grabs a pint of ice cream. This causes John to stop. He asks what she is doing and, nonchalantly, she tells him that she wants something sweet. After all, she just burnt a ton of calories! Johns expression falls, and he reminds her how much work shes put in over the past few months. She shouldnt slip up now. Angie laughs, protesting that its just a little bit of ice cream but John grabs the pint and puts it back in the freezer, shutting the door. Im serious, he says. You dont want to gain weight. You still have so much to lose! Angie takes the spoon out of her mouth, her demeanor changing. Its ok baby, she whispers. I have a body pump class during my lunch break and Ill go to the gym after work. John takes the spoon from her hand and puts it in the dishwasher. I dont know how many times we have to go over this, he says curtly. This is not a joke. Its for your own good! Angie shrinks back, covering herself. Submissively, she apologizes, saying she didnt think it would be a big deal. Shes already lost so much; does she really have that much more to lose? John stares at her in silence until Angie begin…