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SCENE opens on Travis and Amy, two college students, as they park their car in the driveway of a nice suburban house. The pair have been dating for months, but this will be the first time that Amy meets Travis parents and shes anxious. Shes so anxious, in fact, that Travis has been giving her pep talks throughout the entire drive. You shouldnt be so worried, he says, handing her a bag from the truck. My parents are very accepting people. Theyre going to love you, no matter what! Amy doesnt want to admit it, but she comes from a less affluent family and is very insecure about being welcomed into Travis upper middle-class life. Even her luggage looks shabby. Travis puts his arm around his nervous girlfriend and guides her to the front door. Just as he turns the knob, his father opens the door greet them. The men share a big bear hug while Travis mom steps through the doorway to join in. Amy stands off to the side, awkwardly, until Travis notices and introduces her to his parents. His mom, Mrs. Greene, warmly takes Amy by the hand and invites her inside while his father offers to take her bags. This puts Amy at ease and she smiles shyly at the man before following her into the house. Mr. Greene holds the door open for them, sneaking a quick look at Amys behind before he shuts the door. CUT TO TITLE PLATE The camera pans across the kitchen while the family chats and cooks together. Amy is in awe of how amazing Travis parents are — they seem to have the perfect nuclear family….