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SCENE opens as two schoolgirls, Ashley and Nina, whip around a street corner and wipe the frame. They are laughing, almost out of breath, as Ashley says, I cant believe you almost got us caught shoplifting! The girls slow down to a walk and Nina pulls two bikinis from her backpack. She calls Ashley a pussy and teases her that shed never actually get them caught! Besides, now they have a new look for Summer. They small talk as they walk down the street: about school, gossip and the basketball team. Nina is 19-years-old, a year older than Ashley. She is known around school as a difficult girl with a history of bad behavior. But, Ashley is a follower. A loner for most of her life, Nina has been the first friend shes ever really had, so she lets herself get pressured into situations past her comfort zone. They reach another corner. What do you want to do now? Ashley asks, I cant go home yet. Theyll know I skipped school. Nina suggests they go check out this condemned lot at the end of her street. Its about to be demolished. Some mid-century mansion where they used to host celebrity orgies and stuff. Ashley looks at her friend sideways and Nina laughs, running ahead. Just kidding, she yells over her shoulder. Are you coming or what? Ashley hesitates for a second before running after her friend. CUT TO TITLE PLATE The camera weaves through a junk-filled yard to find Ashley and Nina wandering through the mess. Nina is telling her friend more about the history of the property as A…